Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 2

Family Life and Human Sexuality


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 4:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use human development knowledge, social skills, and health enhancing strategies to promote positive relationships and healthy growth and development throughout the life cycle.

Performance Indicators

A. Family Unit 
 4.2.A.1.  Identify ways your family helps you and you help your family.   


Discuss how your family takes care of you, helps you mature, stay safe, and be responsible.  


Explain that roles and responsibilities of family members differ according to age. 
B. Physical, Mental, and Social Growth 
 4.2.B.1.    Describe the physical, social, mental growth processes. 


Compare the differences between when you were a baby and now. 


List something you can do now that you couldn't do a year ago.  


Predict something you think you will be able to do next year that you can't do now.