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Enriched Literacy Curriculum (ELC)

The Enriched Literacy Curriculum  provides advanced, rigorous instruction to fourth and fifth grade students in their local school. Select elementary schools implement the Enriched Literacy Curriculum within the English Language Arts instructional block, while addressing grade-level standards and making explicit connections across content areas. The curriculum provides instructional opportunities with complex literary and informational texts, writing instruction based on developing the writer through writing process and writing workshop, and establishes an instructional atmosphere that promotes critical and creative thinking.  The curriculum uses best practices in gifted education research and incorporates components of supplemental programs including: Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program, Junior Great Books, William and Mary Language Arts Units, and Lucy Calkins Unit of Study in Writing.


 ELC Parent's Guide to Year Long Learning

The Parent’s Guide to Year-Long Enriched Literacy Curriculum Learning describe the skills and concepts for each marking period.

 Fourth Grade 

  Fifth Grade      



  Updated 11/16/23