Accelerated and Enriched Instruction

Montgomery County Public Schools is committed to providing rigorous instructional programs that encourage all students to realize their full potential as learners. A continuum of programs and services are provided.

Students’ learning may be enriched and accelerated; and, students may participate in advanced-level coursework at their local schools. Instruction is differentiated to provide all students appropriate pacing and support necessary for advanced-level learning.

Students may also attend special programs such as centers for enriched studies, magnet programs, or specialized programs, based on their interest and talent.

AEI Highlights

Elementary Programs
Centers for Enriched Studies,  Primary Magnet, Enriched Literacy Curriculum

Middle School Programs
Magnet Programs

 High School Programs
Magnet Programs

 Twice Exceptional Students and Services
Frequently Asked Questions, Publications and Resources about gifted students with disabilities (e.g. GT/LD)

 Additional Resources
Characteristics of Highly Able Learners, Beyond the Classroom, Curriculum Resources

About Accelerated and Enriched Instruction
AEI Vision, Mission and Policies, Roles and Responsibilities of AEI teachers

Accelerated and Enriched Instruction

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AEI is a division of the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs (OCIP). OCIP Contact List

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AEI Feedback Council