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Mrs. Melaika Brown
Elementary Supervisor

Mrs. Jaclynn Lightsey
Secondary Supervisor

Phone: 240-740-4006

English Language Arts Staff

English Language Arts


English Language ArtsWe strive to ensure that...

  • every student is equipped with the literacy skills needed in order to be successful while receiving instruction tailored to their individual needs and opportunities to see themselves in texts in a meaningful way that promotes joy and affirmation across all content areas.
  • every teacher has the skills and knowledge to assess, diagnose and provide targeted instruction utilizing pedagogy including research-based best practices and a deep understanding of the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards in order to help all learners acquire critical literacy skills while understanding how implicit bias impacts teaching and evaluating student learning and ways to disrupt the harmful impact.
  • every leader has the skills and knowledge to coach and support teachers to effectively meet the needs of all students.


The PK-12 ELA Team will ensure that every child is equipped with the literacy skills needed in order to be successful in their education and beyond by providing reading specialists, teacher leaders, teachers and administrators with the understanding they need through professional development related to the importance of equity, the acquisition of reading and writing skills, the implementation of schoolwide literacy models, and the ability to provide skilled and guided instruction.


All students receive instruction in grade-level content and skills, along with appropriate scaffolds and supports, in order to become skillful readers and communicators empowered to navigate an increasingly complex and information-rich world.