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Career Readiness for students

Business Management

Is Business Management for You?

  • Do you want lots of options in your career path?
  • Are you decisive?
  • Do you like meeting different people and working on teams?
  • Do you like to be a leader?

About the Program

The focus of this program of study is on the role of business in society; the changing nature of contemporary business practices; major management concepts, theories, and theorists, the processes of management (functional, operational, human relations), business law and ethics, and business communications.  Career pathways will be examined and the use of business management knowledge in a variety of career clusters is also explored.  Awareness of ethical issues and application of ethical decision-making models will be reinforced throughout the program of study.  Students will understand the business world and be more prepared to meet their career goals and objectives.

Sample Course Plan for Business Management  

Certifications/Awards for Completing High School Plan

  • Articulation Agreement: Earn three college credits at Montgomery College through the MCPS articulation agreement by earning a B or higher in the articulated courses and completing the entire high school plan.
    How to receive articulated credit from Business Management Adobe PDF icon square  
  • Complete Work-based Learning Experience prior to graduation and work with industry business partners and other professionals during coursework.

Local Colleges Offering a Continuation of the Program


Career Opportunities

Where this Program is Offered

If this program is not available at your school, meet with your counselor to select courses that will allow you to explore your interest in these careers.