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Career Readiness for students

Aviation and Aerospace Program

Is the Aviation and Aerospace Program Right for You?

  • Are you interested in flight?
  • Do you like drones?
  • Are you interested in becoming a pilot?
  • Do you enjoy the engineering principles related to the design process?

About the Program

The Aviation and Aerospace Program is a full-time program beginning in the 9th grade for students interested in flight and aircraft systems. Students have two pathways from which to choose, both of which align to rigorous math and science standards. The Pilot pathway introduces students to safety, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, instrumentation, flight physiology and flight planning and students can  work toward earning a private pilot’s license. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems pathway exposes student to “drones” as they are used in operations such as security, search and rescue, disaster management, drone design and maintenance programming, and systems automation.  Students can earn a remote pilot certificate. Either pathway will include flying experience using Redbird TD2 flight simulators.

The upper level courses in the pathways will prepare students for post-secondary education, Federal Aviation Administration certification exams and careers in the aviation and aerospace industry.  This program is offered in connection with the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA). 

Sample Courses

  • Principles of Aviation and Aerospace
  • Exploring Aviation and Aerospace
  • Introduction to Flight
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Pilot Fundamentals
  • Aviation Safety


  • FAA Part 107 certificate

Local Colleges Offering a Continuation Program

How to Apply

If interested, please contact and/or apply through the

Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS) at




Career Opportunities

  • Aircraft manufacturing engineer
  • Airline pilot
  • Airport operations manager
  • Air traffic controller
  • Quality control personnel

Where this Program is Offered

Magruder High School

In addition to Magruder High School, a limited number of students from the following high school clusters are eligible to apply: Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Sherwood.* MCPS will provide transportation for students who transfer to the school to enroll in this program.

*Additional high school clusters may be available, depending on space and transportation.

Aviation Video