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Board of EducationMeetings → July 17, 2012

Board of Education Meeting July 17, 2012

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Acknowledgement of a Quorum
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Office of Human Resources and Development


The Board of Education approved the following administrative appointment:
Carl Bencal, currently principal intern, Herbert Hoover Middle School, as principal, Seven Locks Elementary School

Board of Education Items

Appointment of Student Member of the Board

The Board passed a resolution appointing John B. Mannes III, student member of the Board, as a member of the Board of Education’s Policy Committee. He will serve on the Policy Committee until the expiration of his term of office on June 30, 2013. Read the Board Item

Previous New Business Item: Reducing MCPS’ Carbon Footprint

The Board held a wide-ranging discussion on the school district’s commitment to reducing its overall carbon footprint and the need for investing in concrete initiatives that will help the school system achieve that goal. The Board approved a resolution directing the superintendent to develop a plan for reducing the school system’s carbon footprint. Each year, beginning with the coming school year, a progress report will be given to the Board on this initiative. The plan should include all aspects of stewardship, including existing programs and new efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the school district, its schools and facilities. Read the Board Item

Items of Information
Board's Operating Budget Interests

Operating Budget Interests for Fiscal Year 2014

The Board began a discussion with Superintendent Joshua P. Starr about its operating budget interests for Fiscal Year 2014. This is the second year that the Board has shared its budgetary interests with Dr. Starr as he begins the process of developing an operating budget recommendation for next fiscal year. The Board will continue this discussion at a future Board meeting. Dr. Starr will present his FY 2014 Operating Budget recommendation to the Board in December.