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Board of EducationMeetings → December 6, 2011

Board of Education Meeting December 6, 2011

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Acknowledgement of a Quorum
Election of Officers

The Board unanimously elected Shirley Brandman as President and Christopher Barclay as Vice President for the next year. Ms. Brandman, who was elected to a second four-year term on the Board in 2010, previously served as President in 2008-2009. Mr. Barclay, who has been on the Board since 2006, has served as Board President for the past year. Read the Press Release.

The Board also appointed members to various committees:

  • Fiscal Management: Philip Kauffman, chair, Michael Durso, Christopher Barclay
  • Strategic Planning: Michael Durso, chair, Judith Docca, Patricia O’Neill
  • Policy: Patricia O’Neill, chair; Christopher Barclay, Shirley Brandman, Alan Xie
  • Communications and Public Engagement: Judith Docca, chair, Shirley Brandman, Michael Durso
  • Special Populations: Laura Berthiaume, chair, Shirley Brandman, Philip Kauffman
Approval of Agenda
Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
Update on Seven Keys 2011 Data Points

The Board of Education received an update on the 2011 data points along the Seven Keys to College and Career Readiness. The Seven Keys are a pathway that identifies benchmarks for evaluating whether students are on the trajectory for college and career readiness. Students who meet most or all of the Seven Keys are demonstrating readiness for postsecondary education and the work place.

The Seven Keys are: Advanced reading in Grades K-2; Advanced reading MSA in Grades 3-8; Advanced math in Grade 5; Algebra 1 by Grade 8 with a “C” or higher; Algebra 2 by Grade 11 with a “C” or higher; Score of at least 3 on an AP exam or at least 4 on an IB exam; and Score of 1650 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT. See the Board report and Seven Keys data.

Consent Items
Human Resources

The Board of Education approved the following administrative appointments:

  • Nichelle Owens-Jones, currently instructional specialist, Division of Title I Programs, as supervisor, Division of Title I Programs, Office of School Performance
  • Suzanne M. Woertz, currently evaluation specialist, Testing Unit, Office of Shared Accountability, as supervisor, Testing Unit, Office of Shared Accountability
  • Faith K. Fischel, currently instructional specialist, Division of Prekindergarten Special Programs and Related Services, as coordinator, Preschool Education Program, Division of Prekindergarten Special Programs and Related Services, Department of Special Education Services, Office of Special Education and Student Services
Monthly Financial Report
FY2013 Operating Budget Preview

The Board received a brief update from Superintendent Joshua P. Starr on the development of his Fiscal Year 2013 Operating Budget recommendation. Dr. Starr released his budget recommendation on Wednesday, December 7, during a presentation at Richard Montgomery High School at 7:30 p.m. The Board of Education will hold public hearings on the budget on Wednesday, January 11, and Wednesday, January 18. For more information, visit the FY 2013 Budget Web site.

Final Approval of Secondary Common Core State Standards

The Board of Education gave final approval to the Montgomery County Public Schools Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum Framework and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Framework. These frameworks fully incorporate the Common Core State Standards in English language arts/literacy and mathematics, which have been approved by the Maryland State Board of Education for implementation statewide. The frameworks were tentatively approved by the Board on September 26 and posted on the MCPS web site for public comment. Five people provided responses. See the Board memo and summary of feedback

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