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Board of EducationMeetings → July 7, 2011

Board of Education Meeting: July 7, 2011

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Welcome to Dr. Joshua P. Starr, the New Superintendent of Schools

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Swearing In of the Student Board Member – Mr. Alan Xie

Student Member of the Board Alan Xie was sworn in for a second one-year term and was appointed to the Board of Education's Policy Committee.

Approval of the Agenda; Recommendation to Approve the Amended Agreements with the Employee Associations

The Board approved amended agreements with the Montgomery County Education Association, the Service Employees International Union Local 500, and the Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals. The modifications included revised salary and other economic items with specified reopeners through Fiscal Year 2014.

Fiscal Year 2011 salary schedules will remain in effect for Fiscal Year 2012. Step increases and longevity supplements will not be implemented during FY 2012. The organizations also agreed to continue working through the Joint Work Group on Health Care Cost Containment to develop recommendations to reduce overall health insurance plan costs.

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The Board approved the appointments of the following administrators:

  • Andrea L. Christman, currently media specialist, Rosa M. Parks Middle School, as supervisor, School Library Media Programs
  • Elliot M. Alter, currently assistant principal, Meadow Hall Elementary School, as principal, Beall Elementary School
  • Kimberly A. Statham, currently independent education consultant, as principal, Wheaton Woods Elementary School
Action on the Charter School Applications

The Board voted to delay until July 25 a decision on the application of Community Montessori to open a public charter school in Montgomery County. The Board felt a more careful review of the plan for enrolling students was necessary before final action could be taken.

After an extensive review process, including a recommendation by a multistakeholder panel, the Board voted to deny the application for the Seneca Creek Charter School.

World Languages Curriculum Framework

The Board voted preliminary approval of the World Languages Curriculum Framework. The goal of the curriculum is to articulate how students will be prepared for linguistic and cultural competence in a global society. The framework establishes the organization and sequence of what students should know and be able to do at the end of each subject/grade level or course.

The framework will also guide the selection of new instructional materials and inform the design of professional development opportunities. An amendment was added to clarify that the framework be sent out for public review before the Board takes final action in the fall.

World Languages Curriculum

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