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Board of EducationMeetings → September 27, 2010

Board of Education Meeting: September 27, 2010

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Approval of the Agenda; Walk to School Day; National Disability Awareness Month; Maryland Family Engagement Month

Walk to School Day
The Board passed a resolution proclaiming October 6 as Walk to School Day. Children, families, and community leaders are joining together nationally and internationally to walk children to school or to the bus stop on this day. Walking to school improves health, results in less traffic and pollution, and provides an opportunity to address bicycle and pedestrian safety.

The Board encouraged everyone to consider the safety of pedestrians and, in particular, student walkers every day.

National Disability Awareness Month
The Board and superintendent declared the month of October as National Disability Awareness Month in MCPS and encouraged staff in schools to sponsor activities in honor of its recognition. The school system recognizes the importance of embracing global attitudes, practices, and policies that promote successful educational and employment outcomes for students with disabilities.

A disability mentoring day is planned locally for October 27 in partnership with Capital One Bank.

Maryland Family Engagement Month
The Board and superintendent declared the month of October to be Maryland Family Engagement Month. The Board passed a resolution encouraging families, staff, and community members to recognize the importance of parent involvement in improving student achievement and school performance.

Research shows that when parents are involved in their children’s education, students have better attendance rates, increased motivation, higher grades, and a greater chance of attending college. All MCPS staff members are available to assist families with information and support. Parents can get their questions answered by using the new Parent Guide on the MCPS website, attending Ask MCPS Drop-in Coffees, participating in a Board Community Roundtable discussion, or calling the Ask MCPS call center.

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Elementary Integrated Curriculum Framework

The Board of Education granted preliminary approval of the MCPS Elementary Integrated Curriculum (EIC) Framework.

The framework combines the existing elementary curriculum; Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and mathematics adopted by the Maryland State Board of Education last June; and a research-based Thinking and Academic Success Skills Framework created by MCPS.

Further feedback from stakeholders will be collected prior to final approval at a later Board meeting.

The EIC blends reading and math instruction with lessons in social studies, science, the arts, and physical education. The Integrated Kindergarten Curriculum was piloted in 90 schools during 2009–2010, and the integrated curriculum is being implemented voluntarily in kindergarten and first grade in 112 elementary schools this year.

MCPS expects to have the curriculum completed for all elementary grade levels by 2013.

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