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Board of EducationMeetings →March 23, 2009

Board of Education Meeting: March 23, 2009

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Approval of the Agenda; Month of the Young Child; Arab American Heritage Month; National Autism Awareness Month; National Student Leadership Week

Month of the Young Child
The Board of Education passed a resolution in commemoration of April as the Month of the Young Child.

The Board will join the county executive and County Council; the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families; and early childhood stakeholders on April 1 at Montgomery Knolls Elementary School to proclaim the Month of the Young Child and to focus public attention on young children and their families. More about Month of the Young Child

Arab American Heritage Month
The Board, on behalf of the superintendent, staff, students and parents of MCPS, declared the observance of April as Arab American Heritage Month, in recognition of the thriving Arab American population in Montgomery County.

A Board resolution recognized the valuable contributions Arab Americans have made to virtually every aspect of American life—including science, medicine, education, business, culture, and government.

National Autism Awareness Month
In observing April as National Autism Awareness Month, the Board applauded the combined efforts of staff members, families, and many other individuals who actively contribute to the growth of students with autism.

The school system reaffirmed its commitment to continually assessing and providing a comprehensive range of services to the more than 1,300 MCPS students challenged by autism.

National Student Leadership Week
The Board recognized April 12–18 as National Student Leadership Week. The week recognizes students for stepping into leadership positions and for their accomplishments and service.

In April 2009, student leadership activities include election of officers for the Montgomery County Region of the Maryland Association of Student Councils and the Montgomery County Junior Councils, the student voter registration drive, and the election of the student member of the Board of Education.

Public Comments
Board/Superintendent Comments
Recommended Positions on Education Legislation

The Board adopted positions on several pieces of proposed state legislation now before the Maryland General Assembly that would have an impact on MCPS, including those related to funding, the health and fitness curriculum, financial assistance for dually enrolled students, reporting and virtual schools.

Consent Items
Literacy Education

The Board discussed literacy education in Montgomery County Public Schools, along with actions being taken to address identified challenges at various grade levels.

A staff presentation to the Board noted that an ongoing MCPS reform effort has resulted in improvements in literacy across all grades and student groups in recent years.

The report acknowledges, however, that there continue to be some challenges related to implementation of and understanding among stakeholders about literacy curriculum and instruction.

"We have a strong commitment to literacy in both reading and writing across the curriculum, and we are working to fill the gaps among all our students. We must continue our efforts to provide the supports our students need to have strong literacy skills in order for them to be ready for college and work," said Board President Shirley Brandman.

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