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Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC)

Choose Success! The Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) is made up of three schools – Argyle, Loiederman, and Parkland middle schools – each of which offers an innovative and challenging magnet curriculum. Argyle focuses on digital design and development; Loiederman offers a creative and performing arts focus; and Parkland provides students the opportunity to explore math and science through aerospace technology and robotic engineering.
Admission is based upon a Choice process open to all Montgomery County students who are currently in Grade 5.

Middle School Magnet Consortium Highlights

Welcome to the MSMC 2017-2018 School Year!

MSMC Choice Forms

The deadline to turn in the form was Friday, November 3, 2017.

Round 2 Choice forms will be available in mid January 2018.

Fecha de vencimiento para regresar el formulario de Eleccion fue el viernes 3 de noviembre del 2017.

Formularios para Ronda 2 estaran disponibles a mediados de enero, 2018.

Enroll in MSMC

Do you live within the MSMC boundaries? Need to enroll your child in middle school? Contact us at 240-740-2540.


For additional information about the Choice process and/or the MSMC, please review the MSMC Program Booklet, contact your child's school counselor, or call the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS) at 240-740-2540

Transportation Note

Transportation for out-of-Consortium students is the responsibility of the parent(s). Transportation for in-Consortium students is provided to those who live outside the walking distance determined by MCPS transportation. (Updated on 11/6/17)


Students who choose Argyle will specialize in advanced mathematics, advanced computer science, digital design, and gaming.


Students who choose Loiederman will specilaize in performing arts, communication, and humanities.


Students who choose Parkland will specialize in rigorous mathematics and science focused on the problem-solving requirements of aerospace and robotic engineering.

Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) Program Booklet

The Middle School Magnet Consortium (MSMC) Program Booklet has general and specific information about the three schools in the MSMC.

Points of Contact

Middle School

School Counseling Services Principal's Office Magnet Coordinator
Argyle 301-460-2410 301-460-2400 301-460-2400
Loiederman 301-929-6909 301-929-2282 301-929-2282
Parkland 301-438-5800 301-438-5700 301-438-5700

Elementary School

School Counseling Services Principal's Office
Bel Pre 301-460-2145 301-460-2145
Brookhaven 240-740-0500 240-740-0500
Georgian Forest 240-740-0720 240-740-0720
Harmony Hills 240-740-0780 240-740-0780
Sargent Shriver 301-929-4426 301-929-4426
Strathmore 301-460-2135 301-460-2135
Viers Mill 240-740-1000 240-740-1000
Weller Road 301-287-8601 301-287-8601
Wheaton Woods 301-929-2018 301-929-2018

Main Office Numbers and Web Sites

Middle School Magnet Consortium Staff
      Main phone240-740-2540

Office of School Performance (Community Superintendents)

Office of Curriculum & Instructional Programs

Montgomery County Public Schools

Contact MCPS

Call: 301-309-6277 | Spanish Hotline: 301-230-3073

Contact Employee & Retiree Services Center

Call: 301-517-8100 | E-mail:

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