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Arts activities

Mask Making


  • One 9"x12" piece of colored construction paper
  • Colored construction paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Glue


The teacher will brainstorm with students to identify different ways that paper can be used. The teacher will demonstrate paper techniques: cutting, fringing, folding, curling, rolling, tearing, crumbling, etc. Students will select the characteristics and features necessary to create the character/animal they want to make. After measuring and cutting holes for eyes, students will add details using colored paper scraps.

Paper Mosaics


  • One 9" x12" piece of colored construction paper
  • Colored construction paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • A cup of glue diluted with water for easy brushing
  • A brush


The student will draw a simple design or composition that fills the paper. The composition will contain only large, closed shapes—no details. The student will cut small colored squares of paper or "tiles". Working with one shape at a time, the student will paint a closed shape with the glue and water mixture. The student will apply the small paper "tiles," lining them up and leaving a small space between each paper "tile". Each space should be filled with tiles of the same color.

Crayon Etching


  • One piece of paper to sketch ideas
  • One 9"x 12" piece of heavy, white drawing paper or manila tag board
  •  Crayons
  • Black tempera paint mixed with a small amount of liquid soap (Optional)


Students will use bright colored crayons, pressing hard to fully color the entire paper, covering the paper completely with a layer of wax (crayon). No white spaces should be visible. After the entire paper is colored, the students will then coat the brightly colored crayon layer with a heavy layer of black crayon, OR they may paint over the crayon layer with the soap and tempera paint mixture. If painting, allow the paper to dry.

Students will draw a detailed picture on a piece of sketch paper. Suggestions include: sports, landscapes, underwater/ocean scenes, holidays and celebrations, patterns/designs, animals, food, literature, families, and non-objective compositions using the art elements: line, shape, color, texture, form. Students will carefully use the point of their scissor to "etch " their composition into the prepared paper. Large areas of black can be removed to expose the underlying color.

Art Activity Sites

Crayola Creativity Central
Scores of great art activities available on this website searchable by curriculum content connections, materials, or activity.

@rt room
from the University of Florida. This website offers many creative ideas for great ways to involve children in art activities that require thinking skills.