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Pupil Personnel and Attendance Services

counselingPupil personnel workers help place students who need program adjustment. They act as case managers for identified students, making program changes and monitoring progress.

The pupil personnel worker collaborates with administrators, parents, counselors and teachers, and uses knowledge of MCPS programs and community resources to determine interventions and placement for students.

Pupil Personnel Workers can be contacted by calling their school, or by contacting Mr. Steve Neff at 301-315-7335.

Pupil Personnel Workers Assignments by School 2017-18

What We Do

The role of a pupil personnel worker can be divided into the following four functions:

  • Advocates for all students
  • Consults with school staff and parents on a variety of issues
  • Serves as a liaison between various departments within MCPS
  • Refers staff and families to outside agencies and community service providers

As an Advocate -

  • Supports student rights and responsibilities
  • Fosters understanding and collaborative efforts among home, school, and community
  • Problem solves and identifies prevention and early intervention strategies for student success through a collaborative action process
  • Manages cases for home schooling, change of school assignment requests and disciplinary proceedings
  • Assists with case management for program placement outside the home school
  • Works with parents and school staff to assess and support the needs of homeless families

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As a Liaison -

  • Works with school staff to help maintain a positive home-school connection through strategies such as home visits and conferences
  • Provides crisis support services to school staff, students, and families
  • Collaborates with schools to facilitate student intake conferences
  • Interprets policies and regulations for students and families
  • Assists in accessing home and hospital teaching services, as appropriate
  • Conducts home instruction reviews
  • Assists in the case management process for students referred to the Department of Health and Human Services and Juvenile Justice Services

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As a Consultant -

  • Assists with the interpretation of MCPS policies and regulations, as well as federal, state, and local laws
  • Collaborates with school staff in developing interventions to address chronic attendance issues and dropout prevention
  • Collaborates with families and school staff to access MCPS and community programs designed to prevent, intervene in, and treat alcohol and other drug use
  • Works with school staff and families to identify, investigate and resolve residency and guardianship issues
  • Assists in the special education identification and placement process
  • Works with school staff to provide training on a variety of topics identified as needs
  • Refers students, families, and school staff to community resources

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