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Student Leadership

News and Highlights

The Annual Drive for Supplies program is gearing up for this year's campaign!  Learn how you can help students in need, repurpose unused or gently used school supplies, and earn SSL hours. Every little bit helps and can make a big difference! 

The SMOB Election was held on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 and the results are in!  Montgomery County Public School middle and high school students participated in the election of the forty-first student member of the Board of Education.  Ms. Ananya Tadikonda, rising Grade 12 student, Richard Montgomery High School, was elected as the student member of the Board of Education for the 2018–2019 school year.  Ms. Tadikonda defeated Ms. Nimah Nayel, also a rising Grade 12 student at Richard Montgomery High School. Ms. Tadikonda’s term will begin on July 1, 2018.


Student voting details:
• Students eligible to vote: 84,776
• Students voting: 70,838 (83.6%)

Individual candidate results:
• Ms. Nimah Nayel: 34,157 (49%)
• Ms. Ananya Tadikonda: 35,002 (51%)

Of the students eligible to vote, 83.6 percent voted, for a total of 70,838 votes. There were 1,679 blank ballots cast. A blank ballot indicates that the student exercised his or her right to vote; however, he or she did not vote for either candidate.

2018 SMOB Election Results

2018 SMOB Election Results by School


MCPS student leaders from the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC), Montgomery County Region (MCR), and MoCo EmpowHER met with Maryland State senators and delegates to advocate on bills that impact students, schools and communities across the state. #MCPSleads

MCPS leaders4    MCPS leaders1    MCPS leaders6

MCPS leaders3    MCPS leaders2    MCPS leaders5


The March General Assemblies were full of activism and advovacy! Special thanks to the Clarksburg High School SGA and the Roberto Clemente Middle School SGA for hosting these student leadership meetings.

2018 General Assembly         2018 General Assembly1


 Student leaders from MCR and MCJC presented testimony to the Maryland House of Delegates on HB251 regarding instruction on boundaries and consent to Family Life and Human Sexuality curriculum across the state.

SMOB nominating convention1          SMOB nominating convention2


The MoCo EmpowHer meeting in January was a great success! Students shared ideas on key focus areas: Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Lobbying/Advocacy, Female Mentoring and Leadership, and Logistics.

EmpowHER January mtg4    EmpowHer January mtg1    EmpowHer January mtg5

EmpowHER January mtg2    EmpowHER January mtg3    EmpowHer January mtg6

Our Programs

Student Government Associations

Students discuss and act on issues, problems, and concerns in the schools, as well as engaging in countywide activities.

Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB)

The SMOB is an elected official who can vote on issues like administrative appointments (including hiring of the Superintendent of Schools), policy, and the Board of Education's legislative platform.

Superintendent’s Leadership Academy

The Superintendent’s Leadership Academy (SLA) is transformative in its focus to enhance and enrich the life skills students require to successfully transition from high school into college and/or work. Academy students will participate in practical experiences intended to enrich and educate in the following areas: leadership, communication, self-discovery, and direction.

MoCo EmpowHER

To establish a safe, vibrant, and close-knit community for young women to unlock their full potential.

• Provide leadership development opportunities for young women
• Establish networks for female leaders
• Advocate and lobby for issues pertaining to young women
• Provide opportunities for female leaders to explore career options
• Engage with allied communities to expand advocacy efforts

Meeting Times and Dates

Drive for Supplies

Students, teachers, and staff donate unused or gently used school supplies at the end of the school year. This annual program benefits students in need and helps to protect the environment by keeping useable items out of landfills.

Maryland General Assembly Page Program

Selected high school seniors participate as pages for members of the Maryland General Assembly during the general session.

The application period for the Maryland General Assembly Student Page Program has closed. It will open again Fall 2018.

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