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Office of Special Education Services

Services for students with disabilities
from birth through age 21

Contact Information

850 Hungerford Drive
CESC, Room 204
Rockville 20850

Phone: 301-279-2016
Fax: 301-279-2119

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Preschool Education Program (PEP)

PEP provides preschool special education services for children aged 3 to 5 with identified disabilities in Montgomery County. PEP operates on a transdiciplinary model of best practices in Early Childhood Special Education.

PEP Program Description

MCPS's PEP ProgramPEP provides special education services for children with educational disabilities. All children in PEP have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with learning goals and objectives based on needs identified through formal evaluation. The goals and objectives are guides to help the staff help the child acquire skills that other children of their age already have learned. PEP is a noncategorical program serving children with a variety of disabilities. Most children who receive PEP services have moderate learning delays in more than one area of development, and many of the children receive related services such as speech/language, occupational, and/or physical therapy. Parent education may also be provided.

PEP Philosophy

MCPS's PEP PhilosophyPEP is based on the premise that early intervention is effective in addressing learning deficits and/or identifying strategies to offset the impact of educational disabilities on young children. Developmental skills such as communication, exploration, movement, play and socialization are essential for all children. Some children with disabilities need specialized intervention to gain the skills necessary for kindergarten. PEP uses a model in which all of the staff members working with a child share techniques to address individual goals and objectives. These services are provided in the least restrictive environment including community settings.


PEP Program Locations

PEP Site Phone Number PEP Class Types
 Ashburton Elementary School 301-571-6964 PILOT, Classic, Intensive Needs Class (INC)
 Brookhaven Elementary School 301-460-2432/2433 Collaboration, PILOT, Classic, INC
 Brown Station Elementary 301-840-7172 Classic, Collaboration, PILOT, Comprehensive
 Building Bridges  301-984-5777 ext. 3342 All
 Cashell Elementary School 301-942-3130 Comprehensive
 Cloverly Elementary School 301-989-5770 Classic, PILOT, INC
 East Silver Spring Elementary School 301-650-6420 Classic, INC
 Fairland Elementary School 301-989-5658 Comprehensive
 Germantown Elementary School 301-353-8050 Comprehensive, PILOT, Classic
 Gibbs Elementary School 301-353-0800 Classic, Collaboration, INC
 Glenallan Elementary School 301-353-929-2014 Classic, Collaboration
 Glen Haven Elementary School 301-649-8051  Classic
Greencastle Elementary School 301-595-2940 Classic, Collaboration
 Jackson Road Elementary School 301-989-6041 Beginnings, Comprehensive, Classic, Collaboration, and INC
 Lake Seneca Elementary School 301-353-0933 Beginnings, Classic, Collaboration, INC
 Luxmanor Elementary School 301-230-5914 INC
 Thurgood Marshall Elementary School 301-670-8243 Classic, INC, PILOT
 Montgomery Knolls Elementary School 301-431-7636/7677 Classic, Collaboration, INC, PILOT
 Oakland Terrace Elementary School 301-929-2161 Classic, Collaboration
 Rockwell Elementary School 301-253-7090/7099 Classic, INC, PILOT
 Rock Creek Forest Elementary School  301-650-6410  Comprehensive
 Sherwood Elementary School 301-924-3195 Classic, PILOT, INC
 Stephen Knolls School 301-962-5991 Beginnings, Classic, Comprehensive, INC
 Stone Mill Elementary School 301-517-5069/301-2793558 Beginnings, Classic, Comprehensive, INC
 Strawberry Knolls Elementary School 301-840-7117/7118 PILOT, Classic, Collaboration, INC, Beginnings
 Travilah Elementary School 301-840-7153 Classic, PILOT
 Viers Mill Elementary School 301-929-2202 Classic, PILOT, Collaboration, Comprehensive
 Washington Grove Elementary School 301-840-7120 Beginnings, Classic, Collaboration, Comprehensive
 Wayside Elementary School 301-279-8484 Comprehensive, INC
 Weller Road Elementary School 301-929-2010  Comprehensive, PILOT
 Westbrook Elementary School 301-320-6506 Classic, PILOT
 Whetstone Elementary School 301-840-7125/7126 Classic, Collaboration, INC
 Wilson Wims Elementary School 301-601-4921 Comprehensive
 Woodfield Elementary School 301-253-70855 Classic, PILOT

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