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Inventory & Surplus

Surplus & Inventory


While They Last...

Enjoy 10% off selected Lakeshore Learning materials while supplies last. Click on the headline above for details! (Note: Only Teddy bear counters remain!)


Need to add items to your inventory? Delete an item? Select resources below for instructions, or contact Kim Houser at the Property Office or call 301-279-3245.

Please note: Incoming box(es) can take 1 to 2 days for processing. Schools and offices are inventoried at least every two years or by special request.

  • Form 234-18 to add items to inventory. Complete the form and attach a copy of the item's purchase documentation (i.e., purchase order or invoice). Pony to Kim Houser, Property Office, Supply Warehouse and keep a copy for your records.
  • Form 234-17 to delete items from inventory. Complete and Pony to Kim Houser, Property Office, Supply Warehouse and keep a copy for your records.

Summer 2018 Inventories

  • Every summer the Department of Materials Management conducts facility equipment inventories based on a rotating schedule. 
  • Need a copy of your inventory? Contact Kim Houser.

Barcode Equipment List

Items Barcoded Items NOT Barcoded: (Must Keep on Local School Inventory)
  • All Equipment over $5,000
  • Art Equipment over $1,000
  • A/V Equipment over $1,000
  • Building Service Equipment
    (including tractors and lawnmowers)
  • Cafeteria Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Industrial Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Inventoried Vehicles (Auto, Bus, Truck)-Direct Ship
  • LCD Projectors over $500 (with a 10 year life)
  • Music Equipment over $1,000
  • Office Equipment over $500 (Laminators, Fax Machines)
  • P.E. Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Science Equipment over $1,000-Direct Ship
  • Camcorders over $250
  • Computers, iPads, Laptops & Tablets
  • Copiers-Direct Ship
  • Digital Cameras over $250
  • Kilns-Direct Ship
  • Pianos-Direct Ship
  • Printers over $500 (life within 8 years)
  • Promethean Boards-Direct Ship
  • Studio Equipment over $1,000
  • Televisions (Flat Screens) over $500
  • Alpha Smarts
  • AV Equipment under $1,000
  • Cassette Recorders
  • Elmo Projector
  • External Drives
  • Film Strip Projectors
  • Flex Cams
  • Furniture
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Modems
  • Monitors (included with CPU)
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Printers under $500
  • Record Players
  • Software

Please Note:
Any item can be barcoded by special request of the school on a case by case basis.

If you have questions, contact Kim Houser, Property Office, Supply Warehouse, 301-279-3245.

Direct Ship indicates that the item will be sent to the school/location
(not the Supply Warehouse).

**Items containing gas will be shipped directly to the Shady Grove Maintenance Depot, all other items will be shipped directly to the Supply Warehouse.

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