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Taylor Science Center

Where students see science in action!

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Get Ready for Science Kit Pick-ups!

Elementary Science Kits for Marking Periods 1 & 2 will begin the week of February 6, 2017!

To see when your kits are scheduled for pick-up, please see our Science Kit Pick-up Schedule.

Science Kit Deliveries

See 2017-2018 At A Glance for delivery information throughout the school year. 

What's in the Kit?

See these instructional videos for science kits, produced by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Ordering Science Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for missing science kit materials or for extra kit materials?

  • You can reach Tom DuMars by phone at 240-740-3870 or email.
  • You can reach Tammy Acton by phone at 240-740-3870 or email.


What is the FAX number for the Taylor Science Center?

  • You can FAX the Taylor Science Center at 240-740-3869.


Where can I purchase a grow-light set?
Contact the Taylor Science Materials Center for pricing information at 240-740-3870.

How often do I need to update the science teaching staff roster?
As often as necessary. It is VITAL to maintain an updated roster including name changes, new hires and transfers in order to make kit assignments and delivery schedules accurately.

What should I do if there are materials missing from my science kit?
We suggest that you use the materials list provided in your science kit to inventory the materials before you begin instruction. If you find that you are missing an item or need additional materials for a large class, contact the Taylor Science Materials Center at
240-740-3870. Replacement materials will be sent to you via the Pony.

How do I return materials not included in my kit box when it was picked up? They can be sent back to the Taylor Science Materials Center via the Pony.

How long will I have to use my kit? Each kit rotation is approximately two marking periods.

Can I keep my kit beyond the scheduled pickup date? No. They must be returned on time.

Can I purchase elementary science kit materials for extension activities? Yes, you may order using the MCPS Elementary General Science Materials Catalog.

Can the Taylor Center provide science materials for my middle school science class? Yes, you may order using the MCPS Middle School General Science Materials Catalog.

Can the Taylor Center provide science materials for my high school science class? Yes, you may order using the MCPS High School Science Materials Catalog.

How do I return my kit if I miss the pickup date for my school? You will be responsible for returning the kit to either the Taylor Science Materials Center or the Supply Warehouse. Please call 240-740-3870 for instructions.

How to Properly Return Science Kits

  • Use the original plastic kit box(es).
  • Complete the provided inventory sheet with your kit number, name and school.
  • Count Durable items, fill in "Qty Return" field.
  • To close the box properly, make sure "fingers" of the box interlock.
  • To seal the box, use the plastic closure ties that are taped to the underside of the lid.
  • Place your kit in the designated pickup area of your school. Make sure your kits are visible and accessible to warehouse personnel during early morning hours before school begins.

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