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The person who sets up the account at the school is called the Primary Contact (PC). The PC can designate other staff in the building to have logins to These staff members are called Sponsors. All sponsors have their own login and password to

If your school already has an Organizational Account, then you can ask the PC to add you as a sponsor.

  • If you don't know who the primary contact is, then check this list of MCPS Organizational Accounts (MCPS Google login required). Note the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for Elementary, Middle, High, and Special Schools. 
  • If the Primary Contact listed is no longer at your school, then email Kathleen Hamm or call the HIAT office for help updating your school account. 
  • If your school does not yet have an account, then you can create one. In doing so, you will become the PC. The PC can be any interested staff member in the school building. If you set up a new account, please call the HIAT office or email Kathleen Hamm so we can get your name and school added to the list.

What are the Responsibilities of the Primary Contact (PC)?

  • Inform others in the building about the account.
  • Keep your login and password up to date. If your email address changes with MCPS, then you'll need to contact about revising your login information.
  • Pass on the PC role to another staff member if you change schools or leave MCPS.
  • Add others in the building who wish to be Sponsors. Once you designate at least one other sponsor, then any sponsor can add more sponsors. See step 3.
  • Make sure you have communicated the information about eligibility to staff before adding them as sponsors on the account. You can direct them to the resources on this website and the website.
  • Help facilitate the tasks in step 3. You don't need to do all of these tasks, but all sponsors need to be aware of the Copyrighted Text folder and the necessity of collaborating with your school ITSS. See step 3 for more information.
  • Be sure your sponsors understand that texts downloaded from have to be approved for use by MCPS students.  The Databases of Accountable Evaluations (DAE) and/or EPIC have to be checked for approvals.  If an approval is not found, an MCPS Form 365-25 has to be completed before the title can be used with students.

Respond to the Bookshare welcome email and set up your password

When the PC adds you as a sponsor, or when you enroll your school, you will get an email from Bookshare. You'll need to follow the prompts in this email to finalize setting up your account so that you can log in.


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