Purchasing Resources

Hardware, Peripherals, and Other Things

These items are often mentioned during E-TIPS trainings.

Cart for ELMOs and LCD Projectors


Charging Tubs


Fusion Portable Word Processor




headphonesThese headphones, which have a microphone attached, have been used successfully with speech-to-text programs. Plantronics 355 headphones, sold to MCPS by Hartford Computer Group.

Headphone splitters

Splitters allow you to group students at the computer for tasks that involve sound.


Keyboard Labels

These make it easier to see the letters on the keyboard.

  • keyboard with stickersZoomcaps are uppercase letters in black on white or white on black. Available from LS&S.
  • Keystick labels are lower case and color coded for proper fingering. 

Math Kits

Elementary schools were provided with some kits of manipulatives in the summer of 2011. These kits were funded with ARRA money that was earmarked to support Universal Design for Learning in Elementary schools.


USB flash drives



These software programs are often mentioned during E-TIPS trainings. Find out which titles you have in your school before buying more licenses.



A CD is required to run this software


Clicker 6




Kurzweil 3000


WordQ/SpeakQ Software