Operating Budget → Budget Submission Development and Preparation Guide

Budget Submission Development and Preparation Guide

The process for preparing the FY 2016 Operating Budget is beginning.


There are four major parts associated with the development and preparation of the operating budget submission:

  1. The Program Mission Summary is the narrative portion of your budget. It describes the unit’s mission, functions, accomplishments and performance measures. The format of the program mission summary is revised for FY 2016.
  2. The Base or Same Services Level Budget is the part of the budget that details the amount that is necessary to continue current functions, activities, and services for the next fiscal year.
  3. Organization Charts display the major functional and reporting relationships that exist among and between units in an office.
  4. The Program Efficiency, Abandonment, and Redirection (PEAR) process provides information on how to reduce the budget by eliminating lower priority programs and services, or by realizing efficiencies. Reduction targets for each office will be distributed in early July.

Detailed information and directions for preparing each part of the budget submission are provided in the Full Budget Submission Guide (PDF). Find all budget forms that you will need to complete your submission. One form is not available on the website (the Budget Resource Worksheet) but will be emailed to you.