Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

FY 2008 Budget Charts and Graphs


Summary of Operating Budget Changes for FY 2008
This chart summarizes operating budget changes for FY 2008. It also shows the expected sources of additional revenue required to fund the budget.

School Revenues by Source for FY2008
This chart describes the projected revenue sources for the FY 2008 Operating Budget.

State Foundation Aid per Student – FY 2008
This chart shows projected state aid in the basic foundation program for each school district in Maryland.

MCPS Share of County Budget, FY 1999-FY 2007
This chart shows the MCPS Operating Budget as a percentage share of the total county operating budget.

Cost per Student by Grade, FY 2006-2008
This chart shows the cost per student for elementary and secondary students, including the actual cost for FY 2006, the budgeted cost for FY 2007, and the recommended cost for FY 2008.

MCPS Enrollment by Ethnic/Racial Group
This chart shows the trend in MCPS enrollment for each major ethnic and racial group.

FY 2008 Funding Calculations for Spending Affordability and Maintenance of Effort
This chart shows how much is designated for FY 2008 for MCPS based on the spending affordability guidelines set by the County Council in December 2006, and the required local effort under the state Maintenance of Effort requirement.





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