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General Information for Parents and Students


Important information regarding athletic participation, health and safety, and eligibility is included in the following sources:

  • What Do Parents Need to Know? This document provides useful information for parents regarding forms, dates, activity fees, etc.
  • Student Information - This document includes four pages from the MCPS High School Athletics Handbook regarding a wide range of information affecting student-athletes, including eligibility, transfer rule, ejections, drug policies, etc.
  • Health and Safety Information - Parents and students are required to review the Health and Safety page of the Athletics section of the MCPS website. The information included in this section is very important to the safety and welfare of students.
  • Students Rights and Responsibilities - Distributed to all students early in the school year. Includes criteria for participation and school system rules and regulations. Available in the main office of the school or online in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and Korean.
  • Student-Athlete Participation Information - Provides information on athletic participation including eligibility requirements.
  • Student-Athlete and Parent College Information - This PowerPoint presentation provides information about the different levels of athletics at the collegiate level and the process in becoming a college athlete.
  • Student-Athlete and Parent College Information Supplement- This document can be used when reviewing the college readiness of student-athletes.

Tryout Dates for the 2016–2017 School Year

The following are the tryout dates/ first practice dates for all fall, winter, and spring sports.

  • Wednesday, August 10th - Saturday, August 13th - Fall Sports (Equipment may be obtained on August 9th)
  • Tuesday, November 15th – Winter Sports
  • Wednesday, March 1st – Spring Sports

The first game is approximately three (3) weeks after the first practice.

Parent Meetings

All MCPS athletic teams are required to conduct pre-season parent meetings. Important information is distributed, reviewed, and discussed at these meetings. Parents are urged to attend.

Ticket Prices/ Admissions

Information concerning the price of admission for contests, season passes, and playoffs can be found on the Tickets/Admission page.


Sportsmanship is a primary mission of the MCPS interscholastic athletics program. The program is outlined in greater detail on the Sportsmanship page. To encourage the highest level of sportsmanship, MCPS requests that:

  • Fan support should be positive, respectful, and appropriate to a high school setting.
  • Parents discuss issues and concerns with coaches at appropriate times. Avoid times immediately before or after games. Appointments are best.
  • Spectators realize that officials must make judgment calls that are invariably disliked by one-half of the fans. Accepting unfavorable calls by officials is an important learning opportunity for students.

Contest Cancellation

Contests may be cancelled county-wide due to inclement weather conditions, or locally at a school due to adverse field/playing conditions. Local schools can provide necessary, updated information. Generally, when schools are cancelled, all athletic activities are cancelled. County–wide cancellation information can usually be found on the MCPS website, MCPS Channel 34, or local radio and television stations.

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