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Social Studies & Law Electives in High School

  • Comparative Religions
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Economics, Macroeconomics, Advanced Placement
  • Economics, Microeconomics, Advanced Placement
  • Global Issues in the 21st Century
  • Government, Comparative Government and Politics, Advanced Placement
  • Government, United States Government and Politics, Advanced Placement
  • History, African American
  • History, Latin American
  • History, Russian
  • History, Africa South of the Sahara
  • History, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
  • History, Medieval European
  • History, Ancient and Medieval
  • History, European
  • History, European, Advanced Placement
  • History, Eastern Asia
  • History, The Middle East
  • History, United States, Advanced Placement
  • History, World, Advanced Placement
  • Human Geography, Advanced Placement
  • Humanities
  • Law I
  • Law 2
  • Model United Nations
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology, Advanced Placement
  • Psychology
  • Seminar in Peace Studies
  • Sociology

Program Studies

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