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Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 5

Nutrition and Fitness


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 6:  Students will demonstrate the ability to use nutrition and fitness knowledge, skills, and strategies to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Performance Indicators

E. Food and Health 
 6.5.E.1.  Explain the relationship among food intake, physical activity, and weight management.   


Compare the relationship between caloric intake and output during activity/inactivity. 


Investigate caloric value of personal meal plan in relation to physical activity.  
G. Body Image 
 6.5.G.1.  Identify how body image affects eating habits.   


List factors that affect eating habits including body image. 


Describe harmful eating habits.
I. Goal Setting 
 6.5.I.1.  Apply information from the Food Guide Pyramid to choose healthy snacks.   


Identify healthy snacks from each food group.  


Demonstrate how healthy snacking fits into their daily diet.


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