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Comprehensive Health Education in Grade 1

Mental  and Emotional Health


Maryland State Curriculum Content Standard 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to use mental and emotional health knowledge, skills, and strategies to enhance one’s self concept and one’s relationship with others. 

Performance Indicators 

A. Communication 


Recognize methods of communication.   


Define ways to communicate with friends and family, such as eye-contact and tone of voice.  

B. Emotions 


Examine emotions and responses to various situations.   


Define different feelings.  


Describe how it feels to be happy, upset, calm, surprised.  


Identify what makes you happy, upset, calm, and surprised.

D. Decision Making 


Identify how to make a good choice/decision.   


Explain the meaning of the word choice/decision.  


Identify and describe what makes a good choice/decision such as safe, respectful, legal, and parent approval.


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