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Dance students are encouraged to utilize their own perceptual skills through choreography, performing, and responding to dance.

In exploring their understanding of all styles of dance, students are asked to demonstrate the relationship to significant components of history and human experience as well as the ways that it provides opportunities for individual, cultural, and creative expression.

Progressing to production activities, students demonstrate their ability to create dance by improvising, organizing ideas, choreographing, and performing.

By interpreting and expressing their own ideas in this dance form, students demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply criteria for making aesthetic judgments.

Students Shine in Second Annual MCPS Dance Showcase

MCPS held its second annual countywide Dance Showcase on Feb. 19. The showcase featured dance workshops for middle and high school students and evening performances for parents and members of the community. The purpose of the Dance Showcase is to build the capacity of dance instruction in MCPS and expose students to other dance programs and educators throughout the county.


Resources for Parents and Students

MCPS Dance Showcase
Superintendent's Performing Arts Awards Gala 
National Dance Education Organization