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William and Mary Language Arts Program

What is the William and Mary Language Arts Program?

The William and Mary Language Arts Program was specifically designed to meet the needs of high ability learners. It is a thematic literature-based program in which students read and respond to a collection of above-grade level texts in order to enhance their understanding of underlying themes. Through consistent use of the program's specific teaching models, students strengthen competence in reading, writing, and critical thinking. There are specific William and Mary Language Arts Units for grades two through eight.

How Does it Support the Curriculum?

Implementation of the William and Mary Program is recommended for highly able students and students with the potential or motivation to accept more chanllenging instruction. Through the MCPS instructional guides, all students are introduced to some of the William and Mary strategies and selected readings from the units.

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Implementation Models for Grades 3, 4, and 5 (PDF)

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