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How to Access Compliance Training in myMCPS Classroom

  • After each staff member registers for the appropriate course, they will receive an email with directions on how to open their chrome browser, log out of any private Gmail accounts, and log in with their MCPS Google account. All staff have MCPS Google accounts. For new staff members, passwords are automatically set to be their employee ID number.
  • A common error is not logging out of personal accounts in chrome. Directions for this are in the Support Guide developed by OCTO. This guide will be updated as needed.
  • The Doc version is at  
  • The Help Desk ready to support staff in accessing and troubleshooting the on-line at 301-517-5800. In addition, staff may use the following address to email issues related to the on-line training (
  • Watch this video for more support: How to Enroll: Compliance


Watch a video on how to access the compliance training.

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