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EMERGENCY MESSAGE: 1/17/2018 at 7:11 AM -- Refresh page to update message

Urgent Update: Due to unsafe road conditions affecting school transportation, Montgomery County Public Schools is now closing schools today, January 17, 2018. All school-sponsored and community-use activities in school buildings are canceled. Administrative offices are open on time. Day care programs in school buildings may remain open as scheduled.

MENSAJES DE EMERGENCIA: 1/17/2018, 7:11 AM -- Refresque la página para actualizar mensaje

Actualización urgente: debido a las condiciones de peligro en las carreteras que afectan los autobuses escolares, las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Montgomery permanecerán cerradas hoy 17 de enero de 2018. Las oficinas administrativas abrirán en horario regular. Los programas de cuido en los edificios escolares podrán permanecer abiertos según su horario regular.

See Emergency Information

MCPS GIVE BACKpacks → Donate by Text

Donate by Text

how to text donation

Simple Steps to Donate by Text

  1. Text ‘Give backpac’ to 301-329-2238
  2. A reply will ask, “How much would you like to give?”
  3. Enter your donation amount (minimum of * $10 is required)
  4. Respond to the reply, “Would you like this gift to be recurring? Enter yes or no”
  5. Enter your credit/debit card and billing information, and you’re done!

* Standard text-messaging rates will apply. Additional processing fees will be applied from your final donation amount.

For a $10 donation:
(10x3.3% = .33) + .30= $.63
$10 - $.63 = 9.37 is the amount collected

A gift of $10.75 sent by text should cover the increase in the percentage deducted. It would clear $10.095 as the gift collected.

For any questions, please call the Partnerships Unit at 301-217-5370.

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