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The Policy Subcommittee was created on November 13, 2001. It consists of four Board members. When the need for a new or revised policy is recognized, the subcommittee meets with appropriate staff to develop a draft policy. The committee then presents the proposed policy item to the Board for discussion and tentative action.

Policy is defined as principles adopted by resolution of the Board of Education to guide the development and implementation of educational programs and/or for management of the school system.

Established by Resolution 615-01 Minutes

Text of Resolution 615-01

On recommendation of the Superintendent and on motion of Mr. Abrams seconded by Mr. Felton, the following resolution was adopted unanimously by members present:

WHEREAS, Policy BFA, Policysetting, establishes the process for development, revision, and review of policies in Montgomery County Public Schools; and

WHEREAS, The process has changed to allow greater involvement by the Board of Education earlier in the process; and

WHEREAS, The new process permits more efficient use of the full Board°s time by eliminating the need for three Board meetings to consider one policy; and

WHEREAS, On July 2, 2001, the Board of Education took tentative action to adopt a draft Policy BFA, Policysetting, and request that it be sent out for public comment; and

WHEREAS, Nineteen comments have been received and recommendations for changes have been made; now therefore be it

Resolved, That the Board of Education take final action to adopt the attached Policy BFA, Policysetting, with the accompanying recommendation.

(The full text of the policy is accessible on the MCPS Policy web site.)


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