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Northeast ConsortiumChoice Process → Round 2

School Choice: Round 2

Who Can Participate in Round 2?

Round 2 is available to students who did not get their first choice in Round 1, students on transfer within the NEC, and new students to the NEC area.

How Can I Participate in Round 2?

If you did not get your first choice in Round 1

  • Parents/guardians of students who do not receive their first choice school in Round 1 may participate in Round 2 by accessing the link in the school assignment letter.
  • The request is submitted electronically using the student ID number and will resubmit the students original choices.  Choices cannot be changed.  
  • The results of Round 2 will either remain the same or go to a higher choice. 
  • Round 2 resubmits are due in early February. 
  • Notification of the results of Round 2 are mailed in late March.  

If you are a student on transfer within the NEC
Submit a completed Choice form to the DCCAPS office by the deadline in early February. 

If you are a new student to the NEC area since the Round 1 deadline
Submit a completed Choice form to the DCCAPS office by deadline for Round 2.

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