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Northeast ConsortiumChoice Process → Round 2

School Choice: Round 2

What is Round 2?

Round 2 is the second opportunity for students and parents to participate in the Choice process, for the upcoming school year, by ranking the high school(s) in order based on the academies of interest.

Who Can Participate in Round 2?

Round 2 is available to students who did not get their first choice in Round 1, students on transfer within the NEC, and new students to the NEC area.

How Can I Participate in Round 2?

If you did not get your first choice in Round 1 

  • Parents/guardians of students who do not receive their first choice school in Round 1 may participate in Round 2 by written request.
  • The request--which resubmits original choices only--may be mailed to Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services (DCCAPS), 11721 Kemp Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902 or faxed to 301-649-8155.
  • Please include the student’s first and last name, student ID, current school and parent/guardian signature. Original choices will be re-entered. Re-entry of choices does not guarantee first choice in Round 2.
  • Written requests must be received in the DCCAPS office by the due date.

If you are a student on transfer within the NEC
Submit a completed Choice form to the DCCAPS office by the deadline.

If you are a new student to the NEC area since the Round 1 deadline
Submit a completed Choice form to the DCCAPS office by deadline for Round 2.

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