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Springbrook HS

Signature Programs

Academy of Information Technology (AOIT)

Springbrook Computer Science offers a world-class education in computer programming, robotics, and advanced software applications such as video game development and multimedia editing.

Academy of Engineering (PLTW) 

The advanced engineering program is a four-year sequence of courses that challenges students of all abilities to become actively engaged in hands-on learning experiences using math, science, and technology in meaningful ways to solve real-world problems. It is designed for all students interested in pursuing an advanced career in the field of engineering and provides experiences that can lead to a wide range of potential careers

Justice, Law, and Society Pathway

This exciting program is directed to students interested in pursuing law related careers such as law enforcement, homeland security, law, forensics etc. These courses are designed to expose students to the world of law, including criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, and the wide range of professions in the field of justice and law enforcement.

International Baccalaureate Programme 

Springbrook High School participates in both the Middle Years and Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) based in Cardiff, Wales. Offering an internationally recognized course of study and diploma, the IBO, a non-profit foundation, was established in1968 to serve students who moved to different countries during the course of their education.

Marketing Pathway

Almost all organizations operate using similar business functions.  These functions include hiring and training of staff, creating products or offering a service, marketing and selling those products or services, and managing the financial operations and information created in the organization.  Within the Marketing Program, students will be provided with opportunities to explore different careers and continuing education paths.  They will obtain valuable knowledge of career choices as they apply new skills in classrooms and workplaces.  

Child Development Pathway

Child development is the study of children and their growth and development as they move through various stages of life. High school students receive practical, usable skills to assist them in becoming better educated and better prepared caregivers, siblings, parents, and citizens. In addition, they learn the classic theories of developmental psychologists and learning scholars, lesson planning skills and developmentally appropriate practices for use with preschool aged children.

Hospitality Management Pathway

Restaurant Management/ Culinary Arts gives students the opportunity to explore the food service industry and develop skills for employment based on industry standards. Helpful for students interested owning or working in a restaurant, going to culinary school, or majoring in Hospitality Management or other hospitality related fields. You also get to make and eat food!