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A. Mario Loiederman Magnet School for Creative and Performing Arts

Arts • Communication • Humanities
School office: 301-929-2282
12701 Goodhill Road, Silver Spring


Students who attend A. Mario Loiederman will specialize in performing arts, communication, and humanities. Loiederman students will have the unique opportunity to:

  • explore a broad variety of art forms and develop specific talents and interests in the arts
  • experience the creative environment of a rigorous humanities program
  • work with peers, artists, arts organizations, media outlets, and museums to produce live and multimedia performances


Loiederman Magnet School for Creative and Performing Arts offers students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 a rigorous academic program focused through the performing and creative arts. All students will take a comprehensive arts course each year and may opt to take a high-level arts elective in an area of specialty such as visual arts, dance, theater, or music.

What is Special About Loiederman Magnet School?

Walk into a building where students...

  • grow academically and artistically on a daily basis
  • pursue their dreams by crafting, creating, designing, and performing
  • are encouraged to think creatively within all academic disciplines
  • collaborate with artists to learn from existing works and construct new masterpieces
  • access multiple art, theater, and music spaces designed as dynamic learning environments
  • proudly display and perform works of art and music
  • start with the premise 'What if?' and work to answer the question 'Why not?'

Is Loiederman Magnet School for You?

Do you like...

  • singing, dancing, or playing an instrument?
  • acting, speaking, or reciting?
  • drawing, painting, or sculpting?
  • learning through movement?
  • discovering how the arts, history, and literature connect the human experience?
  • being behind the scenes at professional or student performances?
  • learning from teachers as artists and artists as teachers?

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