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MCPS on the Move Challenge Winners Announced

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Nearly 5,000 MCPS employees increased their physical activity during Well Aware’s fall physical activity challenge: MCPS on the Move. They took part in a variety of physical activities to compete for prizes, and to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles. Each of the top 15 schools averaged at least 76 minutes of physical activity per employee per day.

Grand prize winners are as follows:

Team Grand Prize: Each of the top 16 teams with the most average activity time throughout the six-week challenge will receive a $500 grant to promote wellness in their schools, offices or depots. They are:

  • Fit Firsties: Harmony Hills Elementary School (Ariela Sirota, Kari Cregger and Sarah Schweiker)
  • Hornet Walkers Unite: Damascus High School (Alicia Gaylord, Amanda Quay, Kevin Yates, Kristen Mannix, Linda Howard, Timothy Tao and Willie Augustin)
  • Am. FYI: Harmony Hills Elementary School (Ashley Kinney, Kyle Finke and Sean Kinney)
  • Pilates of the Caribbean: Julius West Middle School (Alexis Felix, Isabel Steere and Ligia Valladares)
  • Pounce: White Oak Middle School (Collin Clifford, Susan Krisch and Susan Lee)
  • Ridgeview A Team: Ridgeview Middle School (Amy Spencer, Erin Cathcart and Katelyn Chiles)
  • The Home Team: Central Services (Kini Wright, Rob Byrd and Weyata Wright)
  • The Morale of the Story Is…: Julius West Middle School (Christopher Tao, James Little, Jeffrey Brink and Lamarcus Brutus)
  • WJPE: Walter Johnson High School (Chad Beswick, James Whalen and Lauren Fakler)
  • Red Hot Chili Steppers: Central Services (Chuck McGee, Lisa Rager and Sandra Karis)
  • Sorry we didn’t stop that bird, Bart: Central Services (Anne Sandmeyer, Laurie Lyons and Peter Park)
  • The Leftovers: A. Mario Loiederman Middle School (Eric Cunningham, Jeremy Snyder and John David Maybury)
  • We Like to Move it Move it: Hallie Wells Middle School (Heather Englander, Justin Owen and Morgan Arnone)
  • Don’t Stop Believing: Hallie Wells Middle School (Matthew Augustin, Michael McGough and Philip Finelli)
  • RPMS 23: Rosa Parks Middle School (Barbara Becker, William Currence, George Eastham, Michael Kryder and Victoria Knorr)
  • Ridgeview Phys Ed: Ridgeview Middle School (Edward Hernandez, Jason Oliver and Keith Obendorfer)

Golden Sneaker Team Prize: In addition to a grant, the top team overall with the most average miles throughout the six-week challenge wins the Golden Sneaker Trophy and bragging rights until the next challenge. The winner is:

  • Pounce: White Oak Middle School

School Grand Prize: Each of the top 15 schools with the most average activity time throughout the six-week challenge will receive a $500 grant to be used for physical education equipment or to support staff wellness. They are:

  • Lathrop E. Smith Center
  • Harmony Hills Elementary School
  • Mario Loiederman Middle School
  • Rosemary Hills Elementary School
  • White Oak Middle School
  • Julius West Middle School
  • Student Family and School Services–Parent Community Coordinators
  • Rosa Parks Middle School
  • Bayard Rustin Elementary School
  • Damascus Elementary School
  • Upcounty Early Childhood Center
  • Carderock Springs Elementary School
  • Ritchie Park Elementary School
  • Westover Elementary School
  • Hallie Wells Middle School

Although MCPS on the Move has come to an end, the challenge continues. Well Aware’s next physical activity challenge will begin in the spring. Look for details in future issues of the Well Aware eNews, The Bulletin and on the Well Aware webpage. In the meantime, use the Well Aware fitness log to track your physical activity and diet.