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Frequently Asked Questions

What school will my child attend?

Each school serves a particular community. To determine the school that serves a specific address, use the School Assignment Tool.

Where can I find more information on schools?

The School Directory provides contact information, links to the school web site, environment survey data, and facts regarding enrollment, budget, and facilities.

Where do I register my child?

Registration takes place at your local school. Registration can take place at any point during the school year, but it is advisable to call ahead and make an appointment.

Who is responsible for school boundaries?

The Division of Capital Planning is responsible for school boundaries. 

How old must my child be to enroll?

Find Prekindergarten and Kindergarten age requirements for the current school year on the Age & Attendance Requirements page.

How may I verify my child's age?

Proof of identity includes a birth certificate, passport, hospital certificate, and/or other legal or notarized identification.

What is the compulsory attendance law?

According to Maryland law, every child between the ages of 5 and 17 must attend school.

Are there any exemptions to the compulsory attendance law?

State law allows for three exemptions for Kindergarten: immaturity, attendance in a licensed child-care center, or attendance at a registered family daycare.

What examinations and immunizations are required?

State of Maryland vaccine requirements vary by age. The requirements are listed on the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's website.