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Physical education activities


(Similar to musical chairs)

  • Two seats removed so there are two short for the entire group.
  • Leader calls “switch” and students scramble for a chair and everyone moves to new seat.
  • Students left without a seat wait for next call.
  • Repeat.
  • (Students are given opportunity to call “switch” as well.)

Silent Speed Ball

  • Use Nerf ball, gator skin ball, or lightweight ball.
  • No one can make a sound…that’s the object of game.
  • Make a good throw around the room …can’t throw back to person who threw to you.
  • If you miss the ball or make a bad pass, you are out and must sit at your desk.
  • Play until all students are seated.
  • Last two are champs!

Ghost in the Graveyard

  • Everyone lies on the floor on back…totally still…can’t move a muscle.
  • Leader is “it” or picks three students to be “it.”
  • Leader walks around and tries to make students laugh or move in any way.
  • If they move in any way, they are out of the game and must return to their seats.


  • All students are in a circle.
  • One student goes into the hallway where he or she can’t see rest of class.
  • Teacher picks a student and makes him/her leader.
  • The leader makes movements or rhythms that other students mimic immediately so child in hall will not be able to identify the leader when he/she returns to the classroom.
  • Similar to follow the leader, e.g., slap leg, touch nose, wiggle, etc.

The Card Game

  • Teacher prepares stack of index cards with letters similar to that of a scrabble game (with or without points).
  • Divide group into four teams.
  • Push desks to side of room.
  • Get four scooters from P.E. teacher so each team has one scooter.
  • Teacher throws all cards up in the middle of the room.
  • Student scoots to pile and takes card and brings it back to his/her team.
  • Next team goes…and so on.
  • Teacher gives students five minutes to come up with as many words as they can.

Animal Charades

  • For groups of 3 or 4.
  • Write a bunch of different names of animals on paper.
  • There is one name per folded up piece of paper.
  • Put names in hat.
  • Each group picks a name and figures out how to present their charades.
  • Playing music with this game makes it lots of fun.
  • Option: After animal charades, ask entire group to choreograph a dance that includes all the animals. Present dance as a performance for others.

Busy Bee

  • Everyone has a partner.
  • Teacher shouts out body parts (head to head, knee to knee, foot to foot, etc.)
  • Partners connect.
  • When teacher shouts out Busy Bee, students must find a new partner.

Freeze Dance

  • Put music on and students dance.
  • Stop music and students FREEZE.


  • Play any music and lower the stick!

Heads Up 7-Up

  • Leader selects seven students.
  • Students put heads on desk and close eyes tightly.
  • Students at desks put one thumb up.
  • The seven students at the front of the class go around and quietly push one thumb down.
  • Then 7-up is called and the students lift their heads.
  • The seven at the front of the room stand there while each student touched tries to identify who it was that pushed their thumb down.
  • If student is not identified correctly as pushing a particular student’s thumb down, he/she remains at front of class.
  • Game repeats.


  • For groups of six.
  • Each group makes up a portion of a routine.
  • One group may do kicks, another may do grapevine, another slide or step-together-step.
  • All groups come together and teach each of their steps.
  • Put music on and do entire dance/workout.