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What is Alert MCPS?

Alert MCPS is a way that you can receive text messages or e-mail from Montgomery County Public Schools during weather-related emergencies and other major events that impact school system operations.  Alert MCPS is administered by Montgomery County Public Schools and is part of the Montgomery County Alert System.

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How do I sign up for alerts?

You can sign up for this service through Alert Montgomery.  Although signing up for Alert MCPS is free of charge, your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to receive text messages. Contact your wireless carrier to learn more about wireless text messaging and any associated costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When signing up for Alert MCPS (in the Alert Montgomery system) open the selection box for Montgomery County Public Schools and make specific selections. You can choose Alerts in English, Spanish, or for specific schools; if you choose the first box you are, in effect, signing up for all schools, English, and Spanish messages.

How will I receive alerts?

Alert MCPS will deliver important emergency alerts to you on all electronic devices that you register. They may include:

  • e-mail account (work, home, other)
  • cell phone
  • text pager
  • smart phone (BlackBerry, iPhone)
  • wireless PDA

In what languages are alerts sent?

Alert MCPS messages are available in both English and Spanish.

What other types of information will I receive from Alert MCPS?

Emergency messages from Montgomery County's Homeland Security Department will automatically be sent to you as a subscriber to the Alert MCPS system.

How else can I stay in touch with MCPS?

Alert MCPS is just one of a number of ways you can choose to receive emergency messages about school system operations.