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How to Request Transcripts

School transcripts are available for purchase.

  • If you graduated or withdrew less than five years ago, contact your former school to obtain your transcript and/or school records.
  • If you graduated or withdrew five or more years ago, complete Form 226-8, Student Record Request Form.
  • Transcripts may also be requested in person at Central Records.

Procedures for Sending Boxes to Central Records for Storage

  • Please fill out Form 365-10 and send to Central Records, Concord Center, Attention Kari Lantos.
  • Mrs. Lantos will arrange for pick up and storage of boxes as space permits.
  • Please make sure all boxes are labeled with the name of the Department/Office, person sending boxes, specific information on the contents of the box and a disposal date.
  • If you need boxes and/or labels please contact Kari Lantos at Central Records via phone, (240) 740-5270, or email,