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Clarksburg, Northwest, and Seneca Valley High School Boundary Study Information

Board of Education Resolution - November 26, 2019

Superintendent’s Recommendation - October 16, 2019

Montgomery County Public Schools has made a minor technical revision to one set of data in the superintendent’s recommended boundary study. The percentages shown in the “change row” of the recommendation for the race/ethnic composition data used the 2018-2019 enrollment instead of the 2019-2020 preliminary September 30th enrollment. The revised table that reflects the 2019-2020 enrollment data can be viewed at the weblink below. The revisions are minor and do not impact the overall recommendation. The revisions in the table are shown in the shaded boxes.

Community Engagement Supplement to the Boundary Study Report

Boundary Study Report September 11, 2019

Community Meeting Presentation - June 19 and 26, 2019

2nd Public Information Meeting

Boundary Change Options - Second Round

Boundary Change Options - First Round

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Public Information Meeting

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