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  How to log into my MCPS Outlook from home?

MCPS utilizes Microsoft Outlook as the primary email. The account appears as You can go to the MCPS website click on staff and then Check Email.


 How can I reset my Outlook/ePaystub password?


  How do I access my documents folder from home?

To work from home have your Principal or Director follow these directions.


 Employee Self-Services

To better protect employees' personal information, remote users need to log in to the MCPS network to access most ESS applications. Learn how.


 How do I log into MCPS Bussiness Center from home?


 How to log into ePaystub

Enter domain username and domain password.

Do not add after your username.


 I am a short-term sub, how do I login at a school?

When logging onto a computer at any school use your Outlook/ePaystub user name and password (example: user name=smithjoh password=Outlook/ePaystub password).


Need help with Assets Essentials?

Please note that the Maximo system has been discontinued. The Office of Facilities Management launched Asset Essentials, its new computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) on August 1, 2022. The work order lookup function that was previously available for Maximo is being created for the new CMMS. Until it is functional, feel free to contact the DFM Call Center by phone (240-740-2300) or email ( to inquire about the status of a work order. You may also use the call center to request service for your facility. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. If you have an emergency after hours, on the weekends, or on a holiday, please call Security at 240-740-3066.  

Need more help?


  How do I sign up for training using PDO?

  1. Log into PDO.
  2. Enter your Outlook/ePaystub user name and password.
  3. Log on

Finding a class

  1. Enter one or two keywords under Course Search.
  2. Click Search.
  3. If present click View All Sections.
  4. Click the Section Title (in blue lettering) of the section you choose.
  5. The Course Detail page opens.
  6. Click Register.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Confirmation screen appears.


 How do I register by telephone to use the Substitute Employee Management System? (new employees only)

1. Call 301-298-2864
2. Enter your Employee ID Number as your Access ID followed by the star (*) key.
3. When asked for your PIN, enter your Employee ID Number again followed by the star (*) key.
4. Record your name followed by the star (*) key.
5. Next you will hear your primary location and classification.
6. You will be asked to select a new PIN. Enter a PIN that is at least six (6) digits in length but no more than nine (9) digits followed by the star (*) key.

Need more information? Visit the Substitute Employee Management System page or contact the Substitute Help Desk at 240-740-8060.


 How do I log into the Safe Schools website to take safety training?

Safety training website:

Users log in with their Melt ID - no afterward. 

No password is required


 MCPS Remote Access

MCPS Remote Access Support Guide


 How can I withdraw from a course in PDO?


  How can I update my Outlook/ePaystub password?


 How can I obtain a remote access connection so I can work from home?

Have your supervisor follow these directions to make the request. Once approved our tech's will contact you with next steps.


 How is computer access granted when I'm new to MCPS or change positions?

Your position code / location in the payroll system and the classes assigned to you in Synergy, if you are a teacher, determines your access.

End-of-the-year tech tips

End of Year Canvas Classes


 How to enable pop-up blockers and view ePaystub on mobile devices 


 Need help accessing your MCPS e-mail on your phone?

Note: To view these directions you will need to log in to the Help Desk portal using your and Outlook password


  Need to access to Mircosoft office from home?

The Outlook client is a part of Microsoft Office. Each employee can download and install Microsoft Office for free. For more info on installing Microsoft Office at home see:

Microsoft Office software for Staff and Students


 Need help connecting to MCPS Wi-Fi?


Advanced instructions and answers to many common questions are found.

  • Help Desk portal to report incidents and submit requests. Click here to learn more! You can still email or call the Help Desk as usual and check on the status of those tickets in this portal. Log into the new portal using by clicking here.