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Technical Help Desk

Supporting MCPS employees Monday - Friday, 7am to 5pm (except holidays)

  How can I fix display problems in myMCPS/Outlook from home?

  How can I reset my Outlook/ePaystub password

  How do I access my documents folder from home?

  What are fraudware/malware/viruses and what should I do if I get infected?

 How do I log into myMCPS from home?

 Voluntary/Involuntary transfer information

 I am a short term sub, how do I log in at a school?

Need help with Maximo?

  How do I sign up for training using PDO?

 How do I register by telephone to use the Substitute Employee Management System? (new employees only)

 How do I log into the Safe Schools website to take safety training?

 End of the year tech tips

 How can I withdraw from a course in PDO?

  How can I update my Outlook/ePaystub password?

 How can I obtain a remote access connection so I can work from home?

 How is computer access granted when I'm new to MCPS or change positions?

How do I register in myID to reset my Outlook password if I forget it?

 Need more help using Office / Outlook 365?

 Need help connecting your mobile device to Outlook 365?

  How can I access my school's private folder (install Microsoft Office) at home?

 Need help connecting to MCPS Wi-Fi?



Advanced instructions and answers to many common questions are found by searching for a solution in the Unicenter Service Desk (USD).

  • Navigate to the USD login page (USD can only be accessed from MCPS computers).
  • Log in using your Outlook/e-Pay user name and password.
  • Enter your question or keywords and click "Go".
  • Or if you still need help, learn how to create a request for assistance.


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