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Cigna Members: Be Sure to Visit A Cigna Network Pharmacy When Getting a Vaccine

Planning to get vaccinated at a pharmacy instead of during a doctor visit?

Cigna offers coverage for vaccinations, including annual flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines/boosters, at a number of major pharmacies including Rite Aid, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and Walmart. In addition, there are a number of regional pharmacies from which you can choose.

Cigna medical plan members who plan to visit a CVS for the administration of a vaccine must be sure to go to a CVS MinuteClinic or CVS HealthHub location to receive in-network coverage through Cigna’s medical benefits. CVS retail pharmacy locations that offer these services at the pharmacy counter are considered out of network under the plan's medical benefits. This means that any vaccine received at a CVS retail pharmacy will NOT be covered in-network and may be charged as an out-of-pocket expense.