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Wellness Initiatives for Retirees

Are you not yet eligible for Medicare and covered by an MCPS-provided medical insurance plan through CareFirst, or Kaiser Permanente? If so, you can learn more about your health and, beginning in 2020, reduce your contributions to your health insurance with the Wellness Initiatives program. To take full advantage of these rate reductions, complete a biometric health screening and a health risk assessment yearly, and, if you use tobacco, consider quitting.

Need more information about the Wellness Initiatives program? Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Biometric Health Screenings

Complete a biometric health screening of your blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index, and cholesterol between October 8, 2018 and October 4, 2019—and again each year by the announced deadline. If you do, MCPS will pay 1 percent more of the total cost of your health insurance (medical, prescription, dental, and vision) in 2020—reducing your contribution by 1 percent.* Enrolled in a two-party or family medical plan? Only you—the medical-plan subscriber—needs to complete a screening to earn the incentive. 

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Health Risk Assessments

In addition to a biometric health screening, you can save another 1 percent of the total cost of your health insurance by completing your medical insurance plan's online health risk assessment between October 8, 2018 and October 4, 2019—and again each year by the announced deadline.* For two-party and family plans, only the MCPS subscriber needs to complete an assessment to earn the incentive.

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Smoker (Tobacco-use) Surcharge

MCPS imposes a 3 percent surcharge to the total health insurance costs of retired, non-Medicare-eligible, MCPS-provided medical plan subscribers who smoke or use other forms of tobacco. To avoid this surcharge in 2020, retirees—and their spouses if married—will need to be tobacco free throughout 2019.

During the fall 2019 Open Enrollment, retirees who are not yet Medicare-eligible and are covered by an MCPS medical insurance plan will need to attest as to whether or not they will be tobacco free throughout 2019. If you do not attest, or you attest to not being tobacco free throughout the 12 months prior to January 1, 2019, your contribution to your health insurance (medical, prescription, dental, and vision plans) will include the 3 percent surcharge.

By enrolling in and completing the Quit for Good tobacco cessation program, employees and their spouses can avoid paying the 3 percent tobacco-user surcharge or have the surcharge removed and receive a refund of any surcharge already paid. Learn more.


*If you are covered by a prescription, dental, and/or vision plan, but do not carry medical insurance through MCPS, you may complete a biometric health screening, but will NOT be eligible for the 1 percent reduction. You will NOT be able to complete a health risk assessment, however, since they are offered only through the medical plans.