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Timekeepers: How Do I....

How do I access the Payroll/Timekeeper Conference in Outlook?

There is a conference folder for timekeepers on Outlook. This conference folder provides timekeepers with timely and relevant information, including deadlines and directions for posting time and attendance.

In addition to the conference folder, please review Payday Schedules, notes to schedules, special information bulletins, ePaystub, and timekeeper manuals for up-to-date information.

Step 1: Log on to Outlook
Step 2: Select Public Folder
Step 3: Click on Conference Folder
Step 4: Select Departments Folder
Step 5: Click on the Payroll/Timekeeper Folder

Notification Procedures
Timekeepers will know when the ERSC Payroll Process Unit has posted messages. Messages will be posted frequently!

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  1. Please be sure to verify that employees on your Short-Term Substitute PACS attendance screens truly worked the hours and days showing. On occasion, the sub system loads the subs' attendance but the hours or locations are not what that sub actually worked.

    (Example: An art teacher who works at two different high schools, Seneca Valley and Richard Montgomery. Seneca Valley is listed as their first school so the system considers it their primary school. Any time the teacher requests a sub through the Call-in system for their position at Richard Montgomery, the system automatically loads the sub time to Seneca Valley because the system only recognizes the first location listed in the system. Therefore, it is up to the Seneca Valley timekeeper to delete the hours at their school for the art teacher and Richard Montgomery HS would need to manually post it to their short-term substitute screen.)
  2. Short-term, long-term and staff development substitutes can only work up to 7 hours a day. 3.5 hours would constitute a half day.
  3. Verifying hours and days worked on the PACS attendance screens will help to eliminate the following:
    • A substitute being paid at the wrong location, for the wrong number of hours or on the wrong dates
    • Phone calls each pay period from ERSC/Payroll
    • Requests to delete or reduce hours on your attendance screens.
    • A substitute not receiving payment for all of their hours or being overpaid.
  4. The Temporary Part-Time (TPT), Summer Supplemental Employment (SSE) and Extracurricular 1 (EC1) screens allow you the option of posting hours for a prior pay period if an employee is missing hours. Please DO NOT send voucher corrections in for payroll when you need to pay them hours.
  5. Voucher corrections for Item #4 should only be sent in to Payroll if you are removing hours that have already been posted and paid.
  6. We highly recommend each location train someone else as a back-up for the primary timekeeper.
How do I report time for ICB workers and holidays that fall on non-scheduled duty days? See the attendance reporting grid example of how attendance should be reported regarding ICB workers and holidays that fall on non-scheduled duty days.