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Temporary Employees and Substitute Teachers 

Temporary employees and substitute teachers often have questions and concerns that are different from a permanent employee's. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

How do I become a substitute teacher or a temporary employee with MCPS?

You can apply for a position using MCPS Careers. This website allows you to see current openings, upload and maintain your resume, and watch for future opportunities. Substitute teachers, once hired, obtain assignments using the Substitute Employee Management System.

How can I learn more about temporary and substitute positions?

Many aspects of a temporary or substitute position are governed by the MCEA negotiated contract. For more information, read the contract or visit the MCEA website. You can learn more about the expectations of a substitute teacher in the Substitute Teacher Handbook

What is the hourly pay rate for substitute teachers?

Pay rates are available on the Salary Schedule.

When will I be paid for time that I have worked?

MCPS operates on a two-week pay period. Refer to our pay date calendar to see when you will be paid for the day(s) you have worked.

I have been assigned to a long-term substitute position. When do I begin receiving the long-term substitute pay rate?

Your long-term substitute pay rate is effective on your 11th day in the assignment. Please contact the timekeeper at your location and request that he or she contact ERSC to report that you are beginning your 11th day in the assignment. ERSC will then adjust your pay to the higher long-term rate.

Do long-term substitutes receive a pay increase if they are in a lengthy assignment?

Yes. All long-term substitutes who work more than 45 days in the same assignment receive a 10 percent pay increase after the 45th day. Contact your location's timekeeper to request that he or she initiate this pay increase with ERSC after the 45th day.

If schools or offices are closed due to an emergency, who should report to work? Who receives paid emergency leave?

Long-term substitute teachers, staff development substitute teachers and temporary part-time lunch hour aides (class 2690) do not report to work and will be granted emergency leave. Short-term substitutes do not report to work and will not be granted emergency leave. Temporary employees who are scheduled to work will report if permanent employees in the same job classification are expected to report. Emergency leave is not authorized for these temporary employees.  

I do not see the hours/location where I worked listed on my ePaystub and do not seem to have received pay for that time. What should I do?

Pay is issued based on the time that is reported form the location where you worked. You will need to contact the timekeeper at that location to inquire about the hours you are missing.