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Calendar Year 2021

Attest during Open Enrollment beginning October 12, 2020

Tobacco attestation for calendar year 2021
(valid January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021)

Use the above link to attest—during Open Enrollment—to your and your spouse’s* 2020 tobacco-use status. Your attestation will determine whether or not you will pay a 25 percent tobacco surcharge in 2021.

The above link is available ONLY during the fall Employee Benefits Open Enrollment.

Calendar Year 2020

To re-attest after reaching tobacco-free status

If you and your spouse* have reached tobacco-free status (i.e., you have both been tobacco free for 12 consecutive months after attesting to using tobacco in 2019), you may use the link below to log in and re-attest. By re-attesting that you and your spouse have been tobacco free for 12 consecutive months, the 25 percent tobacco-user surcharge will be removed within two pay periods.

Tobacco attestation for calendar year 2020
(valid from date of attestation through December 31, 2020)

Need help to quit smoking?

Learn about the MCPS tobacco cessation program by visiting Quit for Good.

* if you are married