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Updating Beneficiaries

As you navigate life changes such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, it is important to maintain up-to-date beneficiary information with ERSC. While ERSC is the first stop for some of your beneficiary paperwork, ERSC staff is not able to report or confirm the beneficiaries on your existing plans. If you are uncertain of your earlier decisions, submit a new beneficiary form to make sure your beneficiaries are in line with your wishes. Beneficiaries may be updated at any time by completing and submitting the following forms as indicated. Please be sure to save a copy of all forms for your records.

Life Insurance

Basic Employee Life Insurance

Optional Employee Life Insurance

Basic Dependent Life Insurance and Optional Dependent Life Insurance

  • You are always the beneficiary for this coverage.

Update State/County Retirement System Beneficiary(ies)

State Core Pension Plan Members

MCPS Core and Supplemental Pension Plan Members

Update Fidelity 403(b)/457(b) Plan Beneficiary(ies)

  • Visit Fidelity NetBenefits®
  • Scroll down and, under Make Updates to My Account, click Update My Beneficiary
  • Follow the online instructions.

Update 403(b)/457(b) Plan Beneficiary(ies) with a Former Plan Vendor

  • Contact your vendor—forms must be submitted directly to your vendor.