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Biometric Health Screenings*

Well Aware's onsite biometric health screenings are not being held at this time. Due to COVID-19, the state of Maryland is not fulfilling permits for onsite medical screenings. We continue to monitor the pandemic and are in close communication with the medical insurance plans about the situation. Please refer to the Wellness Initiatives web page for instructions on other ways to complete your biometric health screening and receive credit for 2022.  

Well Aware's upcoming biometric health screenings are listed below.* These screenings, which do not require fasting, will fulfill the requirement for the 2022 incentive. You have approximately one year (October 12, 2020 through October 8, 2021) to complete your biometric health screening to earn the incentive.

Remember, you have the option of visiting your primary care physician for an annual physical, which also will fulfill the requirement for the 2022 incentive. If you plan to see your doctor for a physical, be sure to read and follow the directions found on the Wellness Initiatives for Employees web page.

 Questions? Please  email Well Aware.

Medical Plan Date & Time Location
Kaiser Permanente    

*This page will be updated as additional screenings are scheduled.

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