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Division of Early Childhood, Title I Programs, and Recovery Funds

The mission of the Division of  Early Childhood, Title I Programs, and Recovery Funds is to provide customized support to identified schools impacted by poverty for the purpose of implementing and monitoring the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and to provide comprehensive, research-based services to young children, ensuring their school success through partnerships with families, schools and the community.

We accomplish this by providing technical assistance to support:

  • Instructional programs, school improvement, and student achievement;
  • Parent, family, and community involvement; and
  • Program administration and fiscal compliance.

Division of Title I

In Montgomery County Public Schools, Title I is one of several grants supervised by the Division of Title I Programs (DTP). This division is a part of the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Program. Responsibilities include providing coordination and a common focus for additional grant programs such as the School Improvement grant.

The division is charged with implementing Title I, Part A under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB Act) and serves as a catalyst to connect programs and assist with systematic school improvement. These improvement efforts call for self-evaluation, strategic planning, and effective use of research-based practices and resources to increase student performance and close the achievement gap and are in full alignment with the Baldrige school improvement process.

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Division of Early Childhood Programs and Services

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